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Contract review for doctors.  Physician contract review.  Doctors Support Doctors

A Company Created by a Doctor to Protect Doctors

Why Physicians Need Career Advice & Protection?

  • 50% of doctors will leave their first job within 1 to 3 years.  Frequent job changes costs you time and money

  • We often invest $300,000 and years of ours lives to become doctors.  Our investment needs nurturing & protection

  • Physicians often undervalue themselves.  Realize your value and learn how to leverage your skill set

  • Employment dissatisfaction and early career burnout often arises from a poor employment selection

  • Corporate medicine employs consultants to protect their interests.  Doctors need protection as well

  • Many physician career decision mistakes and entanglements are avoidable or fixable with the correct advice

Our Solutions:

  • Expert assessment of your current employment situation

  • Learn how to improve the return on your medical career investment

  • Leverage our medical and business expertise to advance your medical career

  • We place physicians in control of their careers

  • 24-48 hour turnaround times with evening and weekend availability

Contract review for doctors.  Physician contract review.  Doctors Support Doctors

Dr. Chrites

Primary Care Physician

"My contract verbiage was new to me and I was unaware of which parts I could potentially negotiate.  I first considered hiring a lawyer to review the contract.  However, what I really needed was information from a physician who understands medical employment and the practice of medicine.  Dr. Robinson understands what RVU workloads feel like and what are reasonable employment expectations for doctors.  His 2 step process is amazing"

Dr. Sivaraman

Chief Hospitalist and Director of Internal Medicine Education

"Dr. Robinson changed my whole perspective on the practice of medicine. His advice has helped me feel more confident and certain that I am making the right choices for my career."

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