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Protect Your Medical Career Investment Today

Contract review for doctors.  Physician contract review.  Doctors Support Doctors

A Company Created by a Doctor to Protect Doctors

Why Physicians Need Career Advice & Protection?

  • Most physicians do not know about employment traps and hazards.

  • Physicians undervalue themselves during employment negotiations.

  • A poor career decision will often lead to employee dissatisfaction and early burnout. 

  • Most physicians do not realize they have many career options, both in and outside the exam room.  

  • Physicians often invest $300,000 and years of their lives to become doctors.  That investment needs nurturing & protection.

  • Physicians are vulnerable during career transitions.  

Why Need Protecto Home?
Contract review for doctors.  Physician contract review.  Doctors Support Doctors

Dr. Sivaraman

Chief Hospitalist and Director of Internal Medicine Education

"Dr. Robinson changed my whole perspective on the practice of medicine. His advice has helped me feel more confident and certain that I am making the right choices for my career."

Dr. Patel

Primary Care Physician

“Dr. Robinson’s advice and education on the physician job search, lifestyle and professional decision making was highly beneficial and taught me many important points.  He was a pivotal part of my major career decisions.  Thank you Dr. Robinson!”

Dr. Mohammed

Pulmonary Critical Care 

"Dr. Robinson teaches career planning while referencing his personal experience and the difficulties he faced with his own career.  The discussions are full of valuable career tips, how to avoid pitfalls and minimize risk.”  


Learn How We Protect Doctors

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