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Why Work with Dr. Robinson?

My Story

My first job after fellowship drained me financially and emotionally.  I had few business skills, undervalued myself, and settled for less than I deserved.  I did not understand the rules of the medical employment game.

I hired an attorney to discuss my contract, aid my negotiations, and receive career advice.  I thought I was being prudent, though, in hindsight, I was seeking medical career advice from a professional who did not practice medicine.


​Consequently, I wasted time and money spinning my wheels in a medical practice that was a poor fit for me.  This led to early burnout and professional disillusionment, both of which was avoidable.


Fast forward through years of hard-earned experience, I have become versed in physician employment nuances, career pitfalls, and medical business operations.  I know physician career hazards and how to avoid them. 


Today, I practice medicine on my terms and operate businesses.  My passion is protecting physicians during their employment evaluation process and providing the necessary career advice to experience a satisfying medical career.  Allow me to help you improve and protect your medical career investment.

Contract Review and Negotiation - White Coat Investor

Dr. Robinson M.D.


Contract review for doctors.  Physician contract review.  Doctors Support Doctors

My Journey

After a rocky early career, I spent the subsequent years experiencing as many medical practice settings and business models as possible.  I have first hand experience with all of the following sectors:

  • Traditional Private Practice Partnership

  • Private Practice Telemedicine

  • University Faculty Appointment

  • Graduate Medical Education

  • Second Opinion Expert Reviewer

  • Business Formation and Managing Member Operations

  • Multi-Business Owner Entrepreneur

  • Medical Business Consultant

  • Physician and Business Contractor

  • ACGME Lecturer

  • Medical Trainee and Attending Physician Mentorship

  • Federal Employment

  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting

My Discovery

Many physician career decision mistakes are predictable and avoidable.  Avoiding them requires an investment of time and money during a career inspection and due diligence evaluation.  Sadly, most physicians are more likely to invest in a home inspection than a career and job offer inspection.  I would argue both are equally important.

My Mission

To help doctors avoid medical career hardships by offering them a comprehensive two step contract review process, career advice and the knowledge that I wish I had access to years ago. 

Me Today

I am a businessman, entrepreneur and physician who enjoys his medical practice.  This website is my passion project with an aim to engage with physicians that are serious about protecting their medical careers and engaging in a comprehensive employment contract review process.  

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