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Annual Check-up

Legal Disclosure and Disclaimers

Disclosure of the Scope of Available Services:

K Robinson PLLC, DBA “Doctors Support Doctors” (here after and on this website referred to as “DSD” or "Our" or "Company") and it's Managing Member (here after and on this website referred to "Dr. Robinson" or "I" or "Me"), provide medical career consulting services to Clients (here after and on this website referred to as “Client” or “Clients” or "You" or "Physician Client" or "Physician" or "Physicians").  A "Website User" or "User", is a person who uses this website, and may or may not be a Client at time of use.  Therefore, both Clients and Website Users must acknowledge and abide by all Policies, Disclaimers and Scope of Available Services by using this Website or engaging Services from DSD at anytime.  


A Client will decide which of the Available Services the Client would like to discuss, for how much time and purchase accordingly.  DSD Available Services include, for example, medical career advice, medical career analysis, education, data and advice relating to the business side of a medical practice, education on the pressures within medical practices employing physicians, education on productivity and medical practice expectations, compensation determinants and benefits, negotiation techniques, career coaching and a pragmatic assessment of the extent to which a prospective employer’s proposed working terms and conditions are and are not compatible with the Client’s goals, need for job satisfaction, desired work-life balance, and the Client’s career, job search, interviews, and job selection (collectively referred to as “Service” or “Services” or "Available Services" or "Our Solutions" or "Consulting Services"). 


A Client fully acknowledges and accepts that Doctors Support Doctors and its Managing Member represent a consultancy and not a law firm nor an attorney nor a licensed advisor.  DSD does not provide a Client with any legal services and more specifically does not provide a Client any legal service as part of DSD's Physician Contract Review and Negotiations Plus Attorney Access Process or Package.  The Physician Contract Review and Negotiations Plus Attorney Access Process or Package refers to engaging in (step 1) the consulting Services that DSD does provide as well as immediate access to DSD's vetted and preselected attorneys for legal advice (step 2).  DSD process facilitates easy access to attorneys for Clients and expects all Clients to review their contract and seek legal advice from an attorney of their choice prior to signing their employment contract (agreement) or any document.  DSD provides a Client with access to attorneys for legal advice at any point during a Consulting session, at any point upon a Client's request and always upon completion of a Consulting session.  The goal of our two step process is for a Client to received career advice from a physician and access to vetted attorneys for immediate legal advice.   


The Website User and Client agree that the Scope of Available Services provided by DSD are in the capacity of a medical career consultant.  The Client or Website User agree to engage with an Attorney for all legal concerns or legal questions and to have their employment contract reviewed in its entirety by an attorney prior to a Client's employment contract signature signature.    


Disclaimers and Acknowledgement by a Website User or Client:


DSD’s Services doe not include any legal services, preparation of legal documents, legal analysis, tax services, licensed finance advice, investment advice, advice that requires licensure or accreditation or advice about how a physician should practice medicine.  DSD is not a law firm, does not represent clients in court, does not provide legal contract or document reviews, does not provide legal advice, does not provide legal opinion and does not employ attorneys.  The Client acknowledges, understands and agrees that no fiduciary relationship exists between the Client and DSD. DSD and its Available Services are not a substitute for the advice a Client may need from a licensed advisor or attorney.  A Clients acknowledges that DSD expects the Client to access an attorney of their choice to review their employment contract prior to the Client's signature and that DSD facilitates legal access for a Client by providing a list of vetted attorneys to the Client.  DSD does not engage in a legal review of any kind of document nor provide legal advice nor provide legal opinion nor perform an attorney physician employment contract review nor any legal document review nor any other form of legal review. Any potential statements about legal, tax, personal finance, investment and how a physician should practice medicine, will be merely incidental to or context for the different consulting Services that DSD does provide.  DSD does not make career or business decisions for a Client and does not guarantee a Client’s future career success or employment satisfaction. During the consulting process, DSD may, upon request and for a Client’s convenience, provide access to or refer the Client to an attorney, accountant, or financial planner (hereafter referred to as "Other Advisor" or "Other Advisors".  The Client remains solely responsible for vetting, selecting or compensating such Other Advisors.  DSD is not responsible for a Clients satisfaction, outcome of using or lack of use of an Other Advisor.  DSD is not financially responsible for a Clients financial arraignment or due payments to any Other Advisors.  Any views expressed on this website or in providing consulting Services are those of DSD.


The Scope of Available Services and Disclaimer applies to all pages on this website and  between all interactions between a Website User, Client and DSD via this website, email, text, telephone, video chat or elsewhere.  Do not use this website or interact with DSD in any manner if you do not fully accept the Disclosure of the Scope of Available Services and Disclaimers discussed above.  Using this website, contacting DSD and interacting with DSD implies understanding and acceptance of the Scope of Available Services and this Disclaimers. 

Effective:  4-10-2023   Please use the "Contact Us" page for any questions or concerns.

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